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Privacy Policy

Extension Privacy Policy

The extension exchanges personal data (current website and manifest URLs, as well as other PWA details) with the native program when the user initiates the web app installation. This is necessary in order to correctly obtain and parse the Web Application Manifest and install the web app. Data are stored on the computer as long as that web app is installed. No personal data leave the computer or are sent to third parties.

Runtime Privacy Policy

As installed web apps are running inside a Mozilla Firefox browser, you need to agree to the Firefox Privacy Notice.

Website Privacy Policy

This website uses or accesses the following third-party services:

When opening a page or interacting with the feedback buttons, a request will be made to our self-hosted service. This requests only includes a page URL and an action (view or feedback status), without any personal data. Provided data are stored aggregated per page and day, also without any personal data, and are used to improve the documentation.